Uncertain Process Data with Probabilistic Knowledge: Problem Characterization and Challenges

Izack Cohen, Avigdor Gal

Motivated by the abundance of uncertain event data from multiple sources including physical devices and sensors, this paper presents the task of relating a stochastic process observation to a process model that can be rendered from a dataset. In contrast to previous research that suggested to transform a stochastically known event log into a less informative uncertain log with upper and lower bounds on activity frequencies, we consider the challenge of accommodating the probabilistic knowledge into conformance checking techniques. Based on a taxonomy that captures the spectrum of conformance checking cases under stochastic process observations, we present three types of challenging cases. The first includes conformance checking of a stochastically known log with respect to a given process model. The second case extends the first to classify a stochastically known log into one of several process models. The third case extends the two previous ones into settings in which process models are only stochastically known. The suggested problem captures the increasingly growing number of applications in which sensors provide probabilistic process information.

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