GearV: A Two-Gear Hypervisor for Mixed-Criticality IoT Systems

Kaiwen Long, Chong Xing, Yuebin Qi, Pei Zhang, Changsong Wu, Wenxiao Fang, Jing Tan, Jie Chen, Shiming Zhang, Zuosheng Wang, Zuanmin Liu, Cao Liang, Jiaxiang Xu

This paper presents GearV, a two-gear lightweight hypervisor architecture to address the some known challenges. By dividing hypervisor into some partitions, and dividing scheduling policies into Gear1 and Gear2 respectively, GearV creates a consolidated platform to run best-effort system and safety-critical system simultaneously with managed engineering effort. The two-gears architecture also simplifies retrofitting the virtualization systems. We believe that GearV can serves as a reasonable hypervisor architecture for the mix-critical IoT systems.

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