Fully Transformer Networks for Semantic ImageSegmentation

Sitong Wu, Tianyi Wu, Fangjian Lin, Shengwei Tian, Guodong Guo

Transformers have shown impressive performance in various natural language processing and computer vision tasks, due to the capability of modeling long-range dependencies. Recent progress has demonstrated to combine such transformers with CNN-based semantic image segmentation models is very promising. However, it is not well studied yet on how well a pure transformer based approach can achieve for image segmentation. In this work, we explore a novel framework for semantic image segmentation, which is encoder-decoder based Fully Transformer Networks (FTN). Specifically, we first propose a Pyramid Group Transformer (PGT) as the encoder for progressively learning hierarchical features, while reducing the computation complexity of the standard visual transformer(ViT). Then, we propose a Feature Pyramid Transformer (FPT) to fuse semantic-level and spatial-level information from multiple levels of the PGT encoder for semantic image segmentation. Surprisingly, this simple baseline can achieve new state-of-the-art results on multiple challenging semantic segmentation benchmarks, including PASCAL Context, ADE20K and COCO-Stuff. The source code will be released upon the publication of this work.

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