DoubleField: Bridging the Neural Surface and Radiance Fields for High-fidelity Human Rendering

Ruizhi Shao, Hongwen Zhang, He Zhang, Yanpei Cao, Tao Yu, Yebin Liu

We introduce DoubleField, a novel representation combining the merits of both surface field and radiance field for high-fidelity human rendering. Within DoubleField, the surface field and radiance field are associated together by a shared feature embedding and a surface-guided sampling strategy. In this way, DoubleField has a continuous but disentangled learning space for geometry and appearance modeling, which supports fast training, inference, and finetuning. To achieve high-fidelity free-viewpoint rendering, DoubleField is further augmented to leverage ultra-high-resolution inputs, where a view-to-view transformer and a transfer learning scheme are introduced for more efficient learning and finetuning from sparse-view inputs at original resolutions. The efficacy of DoubleField is validated by the quantitative evaluations on several datasets and the qualitative results in a real-world sparse multi-view system, showing its superior capability for photo-realistic free-viewpoint human rendering. For code and demo video, please refer to our project page:

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