Provably Robust Detection of Out-of-distribution Data (almost) for free

Alexander Meinke, Julian Bitterwolf, Matthias Hein

When applying machine learning in safety-critical systems, a reliable assessment of the uncertainy of a classifier is required. However, deep neural networks are known to produce highly overconfident predictions on out-of-distribution (OOD) data and even if trained to be non-confident on OOD data one can still adversarially manipulate OOD data so that the classifer again assigns high confidence to the manipulated samples. In this paper we propose a novel method where from first principles we combine a certifiable OOD detector with a standard classifier into an OOD aware classifier. In this way we achieve the best of two worlds: certifiably adversarially robust OOD detection, even for OOD samples close to the in-distribution, without loss in prediction accuracy and close to state-of-the-art OOD detection performance for non-manipulated OOD data. Moreover, due to the particular construction our classifier provably avoids the asymptotic overconfidence problem of standard neural networks.

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