robustBF: A High Accuracy and Memory Efficient 2D Bloom Filter

Ripon Patgiri

Bloom Filter is an important probabilistic data structure to reduce memory consumption for membership filters. It is applied in diverse domains such as Computer Networking, Network Security and Privacy, IoT, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Biometrics. But Bloom Filter has an issue of the false positive probability. To address this issue, we propose a novel robust Bloom Filter, robustBF for short. robustBF is a 2D Bloom Filter, capable of filtering millions of data with high accuracy without compromising the performance. Our proposed system is presented in two-fold. Firstly, we modify the murmur hash function, and test all modified hash functions for improvements and select the best-modified hash function experimentally. Secondly, we embed the modified hash functions in 2D Bloom Filter. Our experimental results show that robustBF is better than standard Bloom Filter and counting Bloom Filter in every aspect. robustBF exhibits nearly zero false positive probability with more than $10\times$ and $44\times$ lower memory consumption than standard Bloom filter and counting Bloom Filter, respectively.

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