Design and Implementation of 5G eHealth Systems, Technologies, Use Cases and Future Challenges

Di Zhang, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues, Yunkai Zhai, Takuro Sato

Fifth generation (5G) aims to connect massive devices with even higher reliability, lower latency and even faster transmission speed, which are vital for implementing the e-health systems. However, the current efforts on 5G e-health systems are still not enough to accomplish its full blueprint. In this article, we first discuss the related technologies from physical layer, upper layer and cross layer perspectives on designing the 5G e-health systems. We afterwards elaborate two use cases according to our implementations, i.e., 5G e-health systems for remote health and 5G e-health systems for Covid-19 pandemic containment. We finally envision the future research trends and challenges of 5G e-health systems.

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