Design and fabrication of solar powered remote controlled all terrain sprayer and mower robot

Sri Tarun Ayyagari, Sharan Kumar Kizhakke Erakkat, Srikanth TS, Manichandra Neerati

Manual spraying of pesticides and herbicides to crops and weed inhibitors onto the field are quite laborious work to humans. Manual trimming of selected unwanted plants or harvested crops from the field is also difficult. Our project proposes a multipurpose solar powered, flexible, Remote Controlled, semi-automated spraying robot with 4 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) in spatial movement, with an additional plant mowing equipment. The robot is designed to spray pesticide/insecticide directly onto individual lesions minimizing wastage or excess chemical spraying, hence making the system cost effective and also environment friendly. It is designed to cut down undesired plants selectively by remotely controlling the start and stop of the mowing system. Alternatively, it also serves the purpose of maintaining lawns and sports field made of grass. The same system can be used for water spraying and mowing the grass to desired levels, leading to proper maintenance of the field. The robot is designed to move at 1.4m/s, with an effective spraying area of 0.98 sq. m. by the nozzle and an effective cutting area of 0.3 sq. m. by the mower, when stationary. The prototype has a battery back-up of 7.2hrs under minimum load conditions.

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