MICE: A Crosslinguistic Emotion Corpus in Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and English

Ng Bee Chin, Yosephine Susanto, Erik Cambria

MICE is a corpus of emotion words in four languages which is currently working progress. There are two sections to this study, Part I: Emotion word corpus and Part II: Emotion word survey. In Part 1, the method of how the emotion data is culled for each of the four languages will be described and very preliminary data will be presented. In total, we identified 3,750 emotion expressions in Malay, 6,657 in Indonesian, 3,347 in Mandarin Chinese and 8,683 in English. We are currently evaluating and double checking the corpus and doing further analysis on the distribution of these emotion expressions. Part II Emotion word survey involved an online language survey which collected information on how speakers assigned the emotion words into basic emotion categories, the rating for valence and intensity as well as biographical information of all the respondents.

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