PDMA: Probabilistic Service Migration Approach for Delay-aware and Mobility-aware Mobile Edge Computing

Minxian Xu, Qiheng Zhou, Huaming Wu, Weiwei Lin, Kejiang Ye, Chengzhong Xu

As a key technology in the 5G era, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) has developed rapidly in recent years. MEC aims to reduce the service delay of mobile users, while alleviating the processing pressure on the core network. MEC can be regarded as an extension of cloud computing on the user side, which can deploy edge servers and bring computing resources closer to mobile users, and provide more efficient interactions. However, due to the user's dynamic mobility, the distance between the user and the edge server will change dynamically, which may cause fluctuations in Quality of Service (QoS). Therefore, when a mobile user moves in the MEC environment, certain approaches are needed to schedule services deployed on the edge server to ensure the user experience. In this paper, we model service scheduling in MEC scenarios and propose a delay-aware and mobility-aware service management approach based on concise probabilistic methods. This approach has low computational complexity and can effectively reduce service delay and migration costs. Furthermore, we conduct experiments by utilizing multiple realistic datasets and use iFogSim to evaluate the performance of the algorithm. The results show that our proposed approach can optimize the performance on service delay, with 8% to 20% improvement and reduce the migration cost by more than 75% compared with baselines during the rush hours.

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