VisImages: a Corpus of Visualizations in the Images of Visualization Publications

Dazhen Deng, Yihong Wu, Xinhuan Shu, Jiang Wu, Mengye Xu, Siwei Fu, Weiwei Cui, Yingcai Wu

Images in visualization publications contain rich information, e.g., novel visualization designs and common combinations of visualizations. A systematic collection of these images can contribute to the community in many aspects, such as literature analysis and automated tasks for visualization. In this paper, we build and make public a dataset, VisImages, which collects 12,267 images with captions from 1,397 papers in IEEE InfoVis and VAST. Based on a refined taxonomy for visualizations in publications, the dataset includes 35,096 annotated visualizations, as well as their positions. We demonstrate the usefulness of VisImages through three use cases: 1) exploring and analyzing the evolution of visualizations with VisImages Explorer, 2) training and benchmarking models for visualization classification, and 3) localizing and recognizing visualizations in the images automatically.

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