Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Based on Self-Calibrated Convolutional GAN

Yibo Guo, Haidi Wang, Yiming Fan, Shunyao Li, Mingliang Xu

With the effective application of deep learning in computer vision, breakthroughs have been made in the research of super-resolution images reconstruction. However, many researches have pointed out that the insufficiency of the neural network extraction on image features may bring the deteriorating of newly reconstructed image. On the other hand, the generated pictures are sometimes too artificial because of over-smoothing. In order to solve the above problems, we propose a novel self-calibrated convolutional generative adversarial networks. The generator consists of feature extraction and image reconstruction. Feature extraction uses self-calibrated convolutions, which contains four portions, and each portion has specific functions. It can not only expand the range of receptive fields, but also obtain long-range spatial and inter-channel dependencies. Then image reconstruction is performed, and finally a super-resolution image is reconstructed. We have conducted thorough experiments on different datasets including set5, set14 and BSD100 under the SSIM evaluation method. The experimental results prove the effectiveness of the proposed network.

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