Graph Symbiosis Learning

Liang Zeng, Jin Xu, Zijun Yao, Yanqiao Zhu, Jian Li

We introduce a framework for learning from multiple generated graph views, named graph symbiosis learning (GraphSym). In GraphSym, graph neural networks (GNN) developed in multiple generated graph views can adaptively exchange parameters with each other and fuse information stored in linkage structures and node features. Specifically, we propose a novel adaptive exchange method to iteratively substitute redundant channels in the weight matrix of one GNN with informative channels of another GNN in a layer-by-layer manner. GraphSym does not rely on specific methods to generate multiple graph views and GNN architectures. Thus, existing GNNs can be seamlessly integrated into our framework. On 3 semi-supervised node classification datasets, GraphSym outperforms previous single-graph and multiple-graph GNNs without knowledge distillation, and achieves new state-of-the-art results. We also conduct a series of experiments on 15 public benchmarks, 8 popular GNN models, and 3 graph tasks -- node classification, graph classification, and edge prediction -- and show that GraphSym consistently achieves better performance than existing popular GNNs by 1.9\%$\sim$3.9\% on average and their ensembles. Extensive ablation studies and experiments on the few-shot setting also demonstrate the effectiveness of GraphSym.

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