DREAMS: Drilling and Extraction Automated System

Mohamed Khaled, Srivignesh Srinivasan, Alkassoum Toure, Muhao Chen, Emily Kincaid, Thomas Lopaz, Luis Rodriguez, Jessica Ezemba, Ayodeji Adeniran, Teresa Valdez, Uthej Vattipalli, Le linh, Ahmed Madi, Eduardo Gildin, Robert Skelton, Sam Noynaert, George Moridis

Drilling and Extraction Automated System (DREAMS) is a fully automated prototype-drilling rig that can drill, extract water and assess subsurface density profiles from simulated lunar and Martian subsurface ice. DREAMS system is developed by the Texas A&M drilling automation team and composed of four main components: 1- tensegrity rig structure, 2- drilling system, 3- water extracting and heating system, and 4- electronic hardware, controls, and machine algorithm. The vertical and rotational movements are controlled by using an Acme rod, stepper, and rotary motor. DREAMS is a unique system and different from other systems presented before in the NASA Rascal-Al competition because 1- It uses the tensegrity structure concept to decrease the system weight, improve mobility, and easier installation in space. 2- It cuts rock layers by using a short bit length connected to drill pipes. This drilling methodology is expected to drill hundreds and thousands of meters below the moon and Martian surfaces without any anticipated problems (not only 1 m.). 3- Drilling, heating, and extraction systems are integrated into one system that can work simultaneously or individually to save time and cost.

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