End-to-End Transmission Analysis of Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer using Resonant Beam

Wen Fang, Hao Deng, Qingwen Liu, Mingqing Liu, Mengyuan Xu, Liuqing Yang, Georgios B. Giannakis

Integrating the wireless power transfer (WPT) technology into the wireless communication system has been important for operational cost saving and power-hungry problem solving of electronic devices. In this paper, we propose a resonant beam simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (RB-SWIPT) system, which utilizes a gain medium and two retro-reflecting surfaces to enhance and retro-reflect energy, and allows devices to recharge their batteries and exchange information from the resonant beam wirelessly. To reveal the SWIPT mechanism and evaluate the SWIPT performance, we establish an analytical end-to-end (E2E) transmission model based on a modular approach and the electromagnetic field propagation. Then, the intra-cavity power intensity distribution, transmission loss, output power, and E2E efficiency can be obtained. The numerical evaluation illustrates that the exemplary RB-SWIPT system can provide about 4.20W electric power and 12.41bps/Hz spectral efficiency, and shorter transmission distance or larger retro-reflecting surface size can lead to higher E2E efficiency. The RB-SWIPT presents a new way for high-power, long-range WPT, and high-rate communication.

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