Reuse of Semantic Models for Emerging Smart Grids Applications

Valentina Janev, Dušan Popadić, Dea Pujić, Maria Esther Vidal, Kemele Endris

Data in the energy domain grows at unprecedented rates. Despite the great potential that IoT platforms and other big data-driven technologies have brought in the energy sector, data exchange and data integration are still not wholly achieved. As a result, fragmented applications are developed against energy data silos, and data exchange is limited to few applications. Therefore, this paper identifies semantic models that can be reused for building interoperable energy management services and applications. The ambition is to innovate the Institute Mihajlo Pupin proprietary SCADA system and to enable integration of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin services and applications in the European Union (EU) Energy Data Space. The selection of reusable models has been done based on a set of scenarios related to electricity balancing services, predictive maintenance services, and services for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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