MXDAG: A Hybrid Abstraction for Cluster Applications

Weitao Wang, Sushovan Das, Xinyu Crystal Wu, Zhuang Wang, Ang Chen, T. S. Eugene Ng

Distributed applications, such as database queries and distributed training, consist of both compute and network tasks. DAG-based abstraction primarily targets compute tasks and has no explicit network-level scheduling. In contrast, Coflow abstraction collectively schedules network flows among compute tasks but lacks the end-to-end view of the application DAG. Because of the dependencies and interactions between these two types of tasks, it is sub-optimal to only consider one of them. We argue that co-scheduling of both compute and network tasks can help applications towards the globally optimal end-to-end performance. However, none of the existing abstractions can provide fine-grained information for co-scheduling. We propose MXDAG, an abstraction to treat both compute and network tasks explicitly. It can capture the dependencies and interactions of both compute and network tasks leading to improved application performance.

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