Planar graphs without normally adjacent short cycles

Fangyao Lu, Mengjiao Rao, Qianqian Wang, Tao Wang

Let $\mathscr{G}$ be the class of plane graphs without triangles normally adjacent to $8^{-}$-cycles, without $4$-cycles normally adjacent to $6^{-}$-cycles, and without normally adjacent $5$-cycles. In this paper, it is showed that every graph in $\mathscr{G}$ is $3$-choosable. Instead of proving this result, we directly prove a stronger result in the form of "weakly" DP-$3$-coloring. The main theorem improves the results in [J. Combin. Theory Ser. B 129 (2018) 38--54; European J. Combin. 82 (2019) 102995]. Consequently, every planar graph without $4$-, $6$-, $8$-cycles is $3$-choosable, and every planar graph without $4$-, $5$-, $7$-, $8$-cycles is $3$-choosable. In the third section, it is proved that the vertex set of every graph in $\mathscr{G}$ can be partitioned into an independent set and a set that induces a forest, which strengthens the result in [Discrete Appl. Math. 284 (2020) 626--630]. In the final section, tightness is considered.

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