SMLtoCoq: Automated Generation of Coq Specifications and Proof Obligations from SML Programs with Contracts

Laila El-Beheiry, Giselle Reis, Ammar Karkour

Formally reasoning about functional programs is supposed to be straightforward and elegant, however, it is not typically done as a matter of course. Reasoning in a proof assistant requires "reimplementing" the code in those tools, which is far from trivial. SMLtoCoq provides an automatic translation of SML programs and function contracts into Coq. Programs are translated into Coq specifications, and function contracts into theorems, which can then be formally proved. Using the Equations plugin and other well established Coq libraries, SMLtoCoq is able to translate SML programs without side-effects containing partial functions, structures, functors, records, among others. Additionally, we provide a Coq version of many parts of SML's basis library, so that calls to these libraries are kept almost as is.

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