Near-Optimal Coding for Many-user Multiple Access Channels

Kuan Hsieh, Cynthia Rush, Ramji Venkataramanan

This paper considers the Gaussian multiple-access channel (MAC) in the asymptotic regime where the number of users grows linearly with the code length. We propose efficient coding schemes based on random linear models with approximate message passing (AMP) decoding and derive the asymptotic error rate achieved for a given user density, user payload (in bits), and user energy. The tradeoff between energy-per-bit and achievable user density (for a fixed user payload and target error rate) is studied, and it is demonstrated that in the large system limit, a spatially coupled coding scheme with AMP decoding achieves near-optimal tradeoffs for a wide range of user densities. Furthermore, in the regime where the user payload is large, we also study the spectral efficiency versus energy-per-bit tradeoff and discuss methods to reduce decoding complexity at large payload sizes.

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