LT-mapper: A Modular Framework for LiDAR-based Lifelong Mapping

Giseop Kim, Ayoung Kim

Long-term 3D map management is a fundamental capability required by a robot to reliably navigate in the non-stationary real-world. This paper develops open-source, modular, and readily available LiDAR-based lifelong mapping for urban sites. This is achieved by dividing the problem into successive subproblems: multi-session SLAM (MSS), high/low dynamic change detection, and positive/negative change management. The proposed method leverages MSS and handles potential trajectory error; thus, good initial alignment is not required for change detection. Our change management scheme preserves efficacy in both memory and computation costs, providing automatic object segregation from a large-scale point cloud map. We verify the framework's reliability and applicability even under permanent year-level variation, through extensive real-world experiments with multiple temporal gaps (from day to year).

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