Video or Image Transmission Security for ESP-EYE IoT device used in Business Processes

Omer Aydin, Ibrahim Ismail Erhan

Internet of Things is the name of a communication network that is formed by physical objects such as RFID tags, sensors and some lightweight development platforms that have the ability to connect to the internet. While the devices can communicate among themselves in this network, they can also be part of a large network. The data produced by those physical objects which are the member of IoT network are processed by different methods and the outputs obtained are used in processes such as decision making and learning. With this aspect of the Internet of Things, it affects all areas of human life and its number is increasing day by day. These devices appear to have security gaps due to their limited resources, their wide range of usage area and incomplete security standards. These devices, which are located in people's living areas, manufacturing and business processes also cause difficulties in protecting privacy. In this study, a solution has been developed for the communication security of the internet of things called ESP-Eye which includes a camera, wireless communication module and face recognition software. The proposed solution was implemented on the ESP-Eye.

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