A unified polar decoder platform for low-power and low-cost devices

Jiajie Tong, Qifan Zhang, Huazi Zhang, Rong Li, Jun Wang, Wen Tong

In this paper, we design a polar decoding platform for diverse application scenarios that require low-cost and low-power communications. Specifically, prevalent polar decoders such as successive cancellation (SC), SC-list (SCL) and Fano decoders are all supported under the same architecture. Unlike high-throughput or low-latency decoders that promote parallelism, this architecture promotes serialization by repeatedly calling a ``sub-process'' that is executed by a core module. The resulting serial SCL-8 decoder is only 3 times as big as an SC decoder. Cost and power are minimized through resource sharing and adaptive decoding techniques, etc. We carried out performance simulation and hardware implementation to evaluate the actual chip area and energy consumption.

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