Built-in Elastic Transformations for Improved Robustness

Sadaf Gulshad, Ivan Sosnovik, Arnold Smeulders

We focus on building robustness in the convolutions of neural visual classifiers, especially against natural perturbations like elastic deformations, occlusions and Gaussian noise. Existing CNNs show outstanding performance on clean images, but fail to tackle naturally occurring perturbations. In this paper, we start from elastic perturbations, which approximate (local) view-point changes of the object. We present elastically-augmented convolutions (EAConv) by parameterizing filters as a combination of fixed elastically-perturbed bases functions and trainable weights for the purpose of integrating unseen viewpoints in the CNN. We show on CIFAR-10 and STL-10 datasets that the general robustness of our method on unseen occlusion and Gaussian perturbations improves, while even improving the performance on clean images slightly without performing any data augmentation.

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