Registration of 3D Point Sets Using Correntropy Similarity Matrix

Ashutosh Singandhupe, Hung La, Trung Dung Ngo, Van Ho

This work focuses on Registration or Alignment of 3D point sets. Although the Registration problem is a well established problem and it's solved using multiple variants of Iterative Closest Point (ICP) Algorithm, most of the approaches in the current state of the art still suffers from misalignment when the \textit{Source} and the \textit{Target} point sets are separated by large rotations and translation. In this work, we propose a variant of the Standard ICP algorithm, where we introduce a Correntropy Relationship Matrix in the computation of rotation and translation component which attempts to solve the large rotation and translation problem between \textit{Source} and \textit{Target} point sets. This matrix is created through correntropy criterion which is updated in every iteration. The correntropy criterion defined in this approach maintains the relationship between the points in the \textit{Source} dataset and the \textit{Target} dataset. Through our experiments and validation we verify that our approach has performed well under various rotation and translation in comparison to the other well-known state of the art methods available in the Point Cloud Library (PCL) as well as other methods available as open source. We have uploaded our code in the github repository for the readers to validate and verify our approach

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