Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in LiDAR Semantic Segmentation with Self-Supervision and Gated Adapters

Mrigank Rochan, Shubhra Aich, Eduardo R. Corral-Soto, Amir Nabatchian, Bingbing Liu

In this paper, we focus on a less explored, but more realistic and complex problem of domain adaptation in LiDAR semantic segmentation. There is a significant drop in performance of an existing segmentation model when training (source domain) and testing (target domain) data originate from different LiDAR sensors. To overcome this shortcoming, we propose an unsupervised domain adaptation framework that leverages unlabeled target domain data for self-supervision, coupled with an unpaired mask transfer strategy to mitigate the impact of domain shifts. Furthermore, we introduce gated adapter modules with a small number of parameters into the network to account for target domain-specific information. Experiments adapting from both real-to-real and synthetic-to-real LiDAR semantic segmentation benchmarks demonstrate the significant improvement over prior arts.

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