Superpixel-guided Iterative Learning from Noisy Labels for Medical Image Segmentation

Shuailin Li, Zhitong Gao, Xuming He

Learning segmentation from noisy labels is an important task for medical image analysis due to the difficulty in acquiring highquality annotations. Most existing methods neglect the pixel correlation and structural prior in segmentation, often producing noisy predictions around object boundaries. To address this, we adopt a superpixel representation and develop a robust iterative learning strategy that combines noise-aware training of segmentation network and noisy label refinement, both guided by the superpixels. This design enables us to exploit the structural constraints in segmentation labels and effectively mitigate the impact of label noise in learning. Experiments on two benchmarks show that our method outperforms recent state-of-the-art approaches, and achieves superior robustness in a wide range of label noises. Code is available at

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