UAVs as Mobile Base Stations

Matteo Strada

The research presented here has been conducted as part of professor Fabrizion Granelli's course "Advanced Network Modeling and Design" at UniTn and regards the use of drones as mobile base stations. With the advent of fifth generation (5G) RANs, networks will have to handle an increasing amount of diverse devices. This will lead to a greater demand on current telecom companies and infrastructures. Solutions to meet these current new demands might not suffice in guaranteeing the required service for the increasing demand. In emergency situations in particular, using terrestrial infrastructures is impossible for various reasons. All these factors suggest exploiting unmanned aerial vehicles as mobile base stations, overcoming all these adversities. The current state of the art is evaluated, in order to pinpoint the best approach which fulfills all requirements; in doing so, the business impact is also taken into account. This proposal is a guideline for further research and the eventual creation of a new startup. The outline of the research proposal is as follows: 1) This section is a brief overview of the current state of the art, examining what is readily available and what needs to be further developed. 2) This section covers the research proposal, an appropriate solution is suggested, overcoming the shortcomings of the current state of the art. 3) This section covers the possible business impacts and outcomes that this research could have if further developed and implemented.

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