An overcome of far-distance limitation on tunnel CCTV-based accident detection in AI deep-learning frameworks

Kyu-Beom Lee, Hyu-Soung Shin

Tunnel CCTVs are installed to low height and long-distance interval. However, because of the limitation of installation height, severe perspective effect in distance occurs, and it is almost impossible to detect vehicles in far distance from the CCTV in the existing tunnel CCTV-based accident detection system (Pflugfelder 2005). To overcome the limitation, a vehicle object is detected through an object detection algorithm based on an inverse perspective transform by re-setting the region of interest (ROI). It can detect vehicles that are far away from the CCTV. To verify this process, this paper creates each dataset consisting of images and bounding boxes based on the original and warped images of the CCTV at the same time, and then compares performance of the deep learning object detection models trained with the two datasets. As a result, the model that trained the warped image was able to detect vehicle objects more accurately at the position far from the CCTV compared to the model that trained the original image.

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