Application-driven Test and Evaluation Framework for Indoor Localization Systems in Warehouses

Jakob Schyga, Johannes Hinckeldeyn, Benjamin Bruss, Christoph Bamberger, Jochen Kreutzfeldt

Despite their potential of increasing operational efficiency, transparency, and safety, the use of Localization and Tracking Systems (LTSs) in warehouse environments remains seldom. One reason is the lack of market transparency and stakeholder's trust in the systems' performance as a consequence of poor use of Test and Evaluation (T&E) methods and transferability of the obtained T&E results. The T&E 4Log (Test and Evaluation for Logistics) Framework was developed to examine how the transferability of T&E results to practical scenarios in warehouse environments can be increased. Conventional T&E approaches are integrated and extended under consideration of the warehouse environment, logistics applications, and domain-specific requirements, into an application-driven T&E framework. The application of the proposed framework in standard and application-dependent test cases leads to a set of performance criteria and corresponding application-specific requirements. This enables a well-founded identification of suitable LTSs for given warehouse applications. The T&E 4Log Framework was implemented at the Institute for Technical Logistics (ITL) and validated by T&E of a reflector-based Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) LTS, a contour-based LiDAR LTS, and an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) LTS for the exemplary applications Automated Pallet Booking, Goods Tracking, and Autonomous Forklift Navigation.

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