Review of internet of things of security threats and Challenges

Fehim Köylü, Ahmed O. Ali, Mohamud M. Hassan, Muhiadin M. Sabriye, Abdirisak Ali Osman, Ali Ammar Hilal, Qazwan Abdullah

The Internet of Things has received a lot of research attention. It is considered part of the Internet of the future and is made up of billions of intelligent communication. The future of the Internet will consist of heterogeneously connected devices that expand the world boundaries with physical entities and virtual components. It provides new functionality for related things. This study systematically examines the definition, architecture, essential technologies, and applications of the Internet of Things. We will introduce various definitions of the Internet of Things. Then, it will be discussed new techniques for implementing the Internet of Things and several open issues related to the Internet of Things applications will be investigated. Finally, the key challenges that need to be addressed by the research community and possible solutions to address them are investigated.

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