How to Tell Deep Neural Networks What We Know

Tirtharaj Dash, Sharad Chitlangia, Aditya Ahuja, Ashwin Srinivasan

We present a short survey of ways in which existing scientific knowledge are included when constructing models with neural networks. The inclusion of domain-knowledge is of special interest not just to constructing scientific assistants, but also, many other areas that involve understanding data using human-machine collaboration. In many such instances, machine-based model construction may benefit significantly from being provided with human-knowledge of the domain encoded in a sufficiently precise form. This paper examines the inclusion of domain-knowledge by means of changes to: the input, the loss-function, and the architecture of deep networks. The categorisation is for ease of exposition: in practice we expect a combination of such changes will be employed. In each category, we describe techniques that have been shown to yield significant changes in network performance.

Knowledge Graph



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