Frost: Benchmarking and Exploring Data Matching Results

Martin Graf, Lukas Laskowski, Florian Papsdorf, Florian Sold, Roland Gremmelspacher, Felix Naumann, Fabian Panse

"Bad" data has a direct impact on 88% of companies, with the average company losing 12% of its revenue due to it. Duplicates - multiple but different representations of the same real-world entities - are among the main reasons for poor data quality. Therefore, finding and configuring the right deduplication solution is essential. Various data matching benchmarks exist which address this issue. However, many of them focus on the quality of matching results and neglect other important factors, such as business requirements. Additionally, they often do not specify how to explore benchmark results, which helps understand matching solution behavior. To address this gap between the mere counting of record pairs vs. a comprehensive means to evaluate data matching approaches, we present the benchmark platform Frost. Frost combines existing benchmarks, established quality metrics, a benchmark dimension for soft KPIs, and techniques to systematically explore and understand matching results. Thus, it can be used to compare multiple matching solutions regarding quality, usability, and economic aspects, but also to compare multiple runs of the same matching solution for understanding its behavior. Frost is implemented and published in the open-source application Snowman, which includes the visual exploration of matching results.

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