A 60-GHz Radar Sensor for Micron-Scale Motion Detection

Marcel Balle, Chengkai Zhu, Bin Zhang, Jie Wang, Lixin Ran

A compact, continuous-wave, mmWave radar sensor is developed for non-contact detection of micron-scale motions. This board-integrated radar system consists of a pair of mmWave transmitter and receiver, two series-fed microstrip patch arrays, an IF subsystem, and a microcontroller. Working at 60-GHz frequency, this super-heterodyne, digital-IF radar sensor exhibits an agile sensitivity and a robust anti-noise performance. Assisted by a gradient-descent DC offset estimation and a phase demodulation algorithm based on extended differential and cross-multiply, a 45-{\mu}m pendulum swing can be experimentally detected with a 20.6-dB SNR, verifying its strong ability in Doppler micro-motion detections.

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