Highly Available Queue-oriented Speculative Transaction Processing

Thamir M. Qadah, Mohammad Sadoghi

Deterministic database systems have received increasing attention from the database research community in recent years. Despite their current limitations, recent proposals of distributed deterministic transaction processing systems demonstrated significant improvements over systems using traditional transaction processing techniques (e.g., two-phase-locking or optimistic concurrency control with two-phase-commit). However, the problem of ensuring high availability in deterministic distributed transaction processing systems has received less attention from the research community, and this aspect has not been analyzed and evaluated well. This paper proposes a generic framework to model the replication process in deterministic transaction processing systems and use it to study three cases. We design and implement QR-Store, a queue-oriented replicated transaction processing system, and extensively evaluate it with various workloads based on a transactional version of YCSB. Our prototype implementation QR-Store can achieve a throughput of 1.9 million replicated transactions per second in under 200 milliseconds and a replication overhead of 8%-25% compared to non-replicated configurations.

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