Machine Learning with a Reject Option: A survey

Kilian Hendrickx, Lorenzo Perini, Dries Van der Plas, Wannes Meert, Jesse Davis

Machine learning models always make a prediction, even when it is likely to be inaccurate. This behavior should be avoided in many decision support applications, where mistakes can have severe consequences. Albeit already studied in 1970, machine learning with a reject option recently gained interest. This machine learning subfield enables machine learning models to abstain from making a prediction when likely to make a mistake. This survey aims to provide an overview on machine learning with a reject option. We introduce the conditions leading to two types of rejection, ambiguity and novelty rejection. Moreover, we define the existing architectures for models with a reject option, describe the standard learning strategies to train such models and relate traditional machine learning techniques to rejection. Additionally, we review strategies to evaluate a model's predictive and rejective quality. Finally, we provide examples of relevant application domains and show how machine learning with rejection relates to other machine learning research areas.

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