A Novel Solution for Uu Interface Based C-V2X

Hui Li

After 20 years of development, V2X has been facing industrialization challenges from DSRC to C-V2X. On the one hand, the new requirements for spectrum, chips, equipment, and networks introduced by the PC5 interface have caused high technical barriers to industrialization. On the other hand, the penetration rate of V2X terminals, application ecology and business models are difficult to implement in industrialization. Aiming at the Uu interface based C-V2X solution (UC-V2X), this paper introduces a risk filtering algorithm through the V2X levels of capability, and proposes a software-defined C-V2X solution (SUC-V2X), which systematically solves the C-V2X problems of industrialization. This paper further preliminarily verifies the performance of SUC-V2X.

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