Generalized quantum similarity learning

Santosh Kumar Radha, Casey Jao

The similarity between objects is significant in a broad range of areas. While similarity can be measured using off-the-shelf distance functions, they may fail to capture the inherent meaning of similarity, which tends to depend on the underlying data and task. Moreover, conventional distance functions limit the space of similarity measures to be symmetric and do not directly allow comparing objects from different spaces. We propose using quantum networks (GQSim) for learning task-dependent (a)symmetric similarity between data that need not have the same dimensionality. We analyze the properties of such similarity function analytically (for a simple case) and numerically (for a complex case) and showthat these similarity measures can extract salient features of the data. We also demonstrate that the similarity measure derived using this technique is $(\epsilon,\gamma,\tau)$-good, resulting in theoretically guaranteed performance. Finally, we conclude by applying this technique for three relevant applications - Classification, Graph Completion, Generative modeling.

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