Dynamics of Information Systems: Technical and Mathematical Foundations

Jianfeng Xu, Zhenyu Liu, Shuliang Wang, Tao Zheng, Yingfei Wang, Yashi Wang, Yongjie Qiao

In today's era, there is no doubt about the importance of information. However, people still have different opinions on information, and the research on information measurement is also inconclusive. Based on the researches of predecessors, this paper summarizes the important progress and main shortcomings in understanding and measurement of information, discusses the basic problems such as the essential connotation of objectivity of information, puts forward the mathematical model of information and the basic properties of information, and deduces and establishes the universality, delicacy, persistence, richness, inclusiveness, delay, etc. The structural model and mathematical basic theoretical framework of information space are formed. The motion law of information flow in information space is systematically and comprehensively analyzed, and the information dynamics for complex information system is preliminarily discussed.

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