AnomMAN: Detect Anomaly on Multi-view Attributed Networks

Ling-Hao Chen, He Li, Wenhao Yang

Anomaly detection on attributed networks is widely used in web shopping, financial transactions, communication networks, and so on. However, most work tries to detect anomalies on attributed networks only considering a single interaction action, which cannot consider rich kinds of interaction actions in multi-view attributed networks. In fact, it remains a challenging task to consider all different kinds of interaction actions uniformly and detect anomalous instances in multi-view attributed networks. In this paper, we propose a Graph Convolution based framework, AnomMAN, to detect \textbf{Anom}aly on \textbf{M}ulti-view \textbf{A}ttributed \textbf{N}etworks. To consider the attributes and all interaction actions jointly, we use the attention mechanism to define the importance of all views in networks. Besides, the Graph Convolution operation cannot be simply applied in anomaly detection tasks on account of its low-pass characteristic. Therefore, AnomMAN uses a graph auto-encoder module to overcome the shortcoming and transform it to our strength. According to experiments on real-world datasets, AnomMAN outperforms state-of-the-art models and two variants of our proposed model. Besides, the Accuracy@50 indicator of AnomMAN reaches 1.000 on the dataset, which shows that the top 50 anomalous instances detected by AnomMAN are all anomalous ones.

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