Resolving Camera Position for a Practical Application of Gaze Estimation on Edge Devices

Linh Van Ma, Tin Trung Tran, Moongu Jeon

Most Gaze estimation research only works on a setup condition that a camera perfectly captures eyes gaze. They have not literarily specified how to set up a camera correctly for a given position of a person. In this paper, we carry out a study on gaze estimation with a logical camera setup position. We further bring our research in a practical application by using inexpensive edge devices with a realistic scenario. That is, we first set up a shopping environment where we want to grasp customers gazing behaviors. This setup needs an optimal camera position in order to maintain estimation accuracy from existing gaze estimation research. We then apply the state-of-the-art of few-shot learning gaze estimation to reduce training sampling in the inference phase. In the experiment, we perform our implemented research on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and achieve a reasonable speed, 12 FPS which is faster compared with our reference work, without much degradation of gaze estimation accuracy. The source code is released at

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