An Exact Algorithm for finding Maximum Induced Matching in Subcubic Graphs

Gordon Hoi, Ammar Fathin Sabili, Frank Stephan

The Maximum Induced Matching problem asks to find the maximum $k$ such that, given a graph $G=(V,E)$, can we find a subset of vertices $S$ of size $k$ for which every vertices $v$ in the induced graph $G[S]$ has exactly degree $1$. In this paper, we design an exact algorithm running in $O(1.2630^n)$ time and polynomial space to solve the Maximum Induced Matching problem for graphs where each vertex has degree at most 3. Prior work solved the problem by finding the Maximum Independent Set using polynomial space in the line graph $L(G^2)$; this method uses $O(1.3139^n)$ time.

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