Improving Deep Neural Network Classification Confidence using Heatmap-based eXplainable AI

Erico Tjoa, Hong Jing Khok, Tushar Chouhan, Guan Cuntai

This paper quantifies the quality of heatmap-based eXplainable AI methods w.r.t image classification problem. Here, a heatmap is considered desirable if it improves the probability of predicting the correct classes. Different XAI heatmap-based methods are empirically shown to improve classification confidence to different extents depending on the datasets, e.g. Saliency works best on ImageNet and Deconvolution on ChestX-Ray Pneumonia dataset. The novelty includes a new gap distribution that shows a stark difference between correct and wrong predictions. Finally, the generative augmentative explanation is introduced, a method to generate heatmaps maps capable of improving predictive confidence to a high level.

Knowledge Graph



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