An Upwind Generalized Finite Difference Method (GFDM) for Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media

Xiang Rao, Hui Zhao, Zhan Wentao

In this paper, an upwind meshless GFDM is presented for the first time and applied to the coupled computation of heat and mass transfer in porous media. The GFDM based sequential coupled discrete schemes of the pressure diffusion equation and thermal convection-diffusion equation, the upwind scheme of physical parameters without modifying node influence domain and the treatment of heterogeneous physical parameters in GFDM are given. Three numerical examples illustrate the good computational performances of the presented upwind GFDM and the application of the method to numerical solutions of the convection-diffusion equation. This study shows that this upwind GFDM, which can flexibly characterize the computational domain through allocation nodes without complicated mesh division and has sufficient accuracy, may have great potential to be developed as a general numerical simulator in the multi-physics coupling problem with complex geometry.

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