Fusing Blockchain and AI with Metaverse: A Survey

Qiinglin Ynag, Yetong Zhao, Huawei Huang, Zibin Zheng

Metaverse as the latest buzzword has attracted great attention from both industry and academia. Metaverse seamlessly integrates the real world with the virtual world and allows avatars to carry out rich activities including creation, display, entertainment, social networking, and trading. Thus, it is promising to build an exciting digital world and to transform a better physical world through the exploration of the metaverse. In this survey, we dive into the metaverse by discussing how Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) fuse with it by investigating the most related studies across the metaverse components, digital currencies, AI technologies, and applications in the virtual world, and blockchain-empowered technologies. We believe that the further exploitation and interdisciplinary research on the fusion of AI and Blockchain in metaverse require collaboration from both academia and industries.

Knowledge Graph



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