Traffic event description based on Twitter data using Unsupervised Learning Methods for Indian road conditions

Yasaswi Sri Chandra Gandhi Kilaru, Indrajit Ghosh

Non-recurrent and unpredictable traffic events directly influence road traffic conditions. There is a need for dynamic monitoring and prediction of these unpredictable events to improve road network management. The problem with the existing traditional methods (flow or speed studies) is that the coverage of many Indian roads is very sparse and reproducible methods to identify and describe the events are not available. Addition of some other form of data is essential to help with this problem. This could be real-time speed monitoring data like Google Maps, Waze, etc. or social data like Twitter, Facebook, etc. In this paper, an unsupervised learning model is used to perform effective tweet classification for enhancing Indian traffic data. The model uses word-embeddings to calculate semantic similarity and achieves a test score of 94.7%.

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