A Compositional Proof Framework for FRETish Requirements

Esther Conrad, Laura Titolo, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Thomas Pressburger, Aaron Dutle

Structured natural languages provide a trade space between ambiguous natural languages that make up most written requirements and mathematical formal specifications such as Linear Temporal Logic. FRETish is a structured natural language for the elicitation of system requirements developed at NASA. The related open-source tool Fret provides support for translating FRETish requirements into temporal logic formulas that can be input to several verification and analysis tools. In the context of safety-critical systems, it is crucial to ensure that a generated formula captures the semantics of the corresponding FRETish requirement precisely. This paper presents a rigorous formalization of the FRETish language including a new denotational semantics and a proof of semantic equivalence between FRETish specifications and their temporal logic counterparts computed by Fret. The complete formalization and the proof have been developed in the Prototype Verification System (PVS) theorem prover.

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