User Interaction Analysis through Contrasting Websites Experience

Decky Aspandi, Sarah Doosdal, Victor Ülger, Lukas Gillich, Raphael Menges, Ramin Hedeshy, Chandan Kumar, Christoph Schaefer, Tina Walber, Steffen Staab

Current advance of internet allows rapid dissemination of information, accelerating the progress on wide spectrum of society. This has been done mainly through the use of website interface with inherent unique human interactions. In this regards the usability analysis becomes a central part to improve the human interactions. However, This analysis has not yet quantitatively been evaluated through user perception during interaction, especially when dealing wide range of tasks. In this study, we perform the quantitative analysis the usability of websites based on their usage and relevance. We do this by reporting user interactions based user subjective perceptions, eye-tracking data and facial expressions based on the collected data from two different sets of websites. In general, we found that the user interaction parameters are substantially difference across website sets, with a degree of relation with perceived user emotions during interactions.

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