PEPit: computer-assisted worst-case analyses of first-order optimization methods in Python

Baptiste Goujaud, Céline Moucer, François Glineur, Julien Hendrickx, Adrien Taylor, Aymeric Dieuleveut

PEPit is a Python package aiming at simplifying the access to worst-case analyses of a large family of first-order optimization methods possibly involving gradient, projection, proximal, or linear optimization oracles, along with their approximate, or Bregman variants. In short, PEPit is a package enabling computer-assisted worst-case analyses of first-order optimization methods. The key underlying idea is to cast the problem of performing a worst-case analysis, often referred to as a performance estimation problem (PEP), as a semidefinite program (SDP) which can be solved numerically. For doing that, the package users are only required to write first-order methods nearly as they would have implemented them. The package then takes care of the SDP modelling parts, and the worst-case analysis is performed numerically via a standard solver.

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