Data-driven Meets Geometric Control: Zero Dynamics, Subspace Stabilization, and Malicious Attacks

Federico Celi, Fabio Pasqualetti

Studying structural properties of linear dynamical systems through invariant subspaces is one of the key contributions of the geometric approach to system theory. In general, a model of the dynamics is required in order to compute the invariant subspaces of interest. In this paper we overcome this limitation by finding data-driven formulas for some of the foundational tools of geometric control. In particular, for an unknown linear system, we show how controlled and conditioned invariant subspaces can be found directly from experimental data. We use our formulas and approach to (i) find a feedback gain that confines the system state within a desired subspace, (ii) compute the invariant zeros of the unknown system, and (iii) design attacks that remain undetectable.

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